LEPIRONA Social Enterprise


Lepirona is constantly participating to solve the needs and problems of today’s societies through creative solutions developed in social enterprise based on social and sustainable innovation.


Lepirona strives to create business value in ways that are innovative, financially sustainable, scalable and make positive social impact to communities.


Lepirona welcomes collaborations with individuals, companies or other organizations to find innovative solutions, make a social impact and achieve competitive advantage.


We are very happy to collaborate with the surrounding society. We believe in sharing technology, ideas and thinking with our partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes. Through partnerships, we can challenge our approach, complement our own expertise with external knowledge, and deliver improved outcomes. We collaborate with a wide range of partners and we welcome suggestions for new partnerships.

We value and empower all team members and encourage professional growth. We learn from our work and each other. Explore some of our current collaborations and discover how you can work with us in the future.

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“When you help another woman rise, we all shine! “

Lepirona operates with a small core team from varied backgrounds. This brings together the blend of talent, united by a belief in the women power and the desire to shape a better world for our community.

Mutual learning and knowledge sharing between multi talent women in order to share knowledge and best practices on enterprise development, sustainability, marketing of products and utilization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). These collaboration efforts will generate a wealth of experiences, inspiring stories, and numerous hopes about women’s entrepreneurship.

Lepirona aims to increase positive mental attitude of women in order to strengthen self-reliance and build awareness as well as work ethic of women. We also in the mission to increase life skills of women in order to expand economic opportunities, help women to start income generating activities and enable women to be self-employed.