About Us

Lepirona is a social enterprise that aims to empower women in Indonesia, especially marginalized women. The name “lepirona” is taken from our initial product, which is an environmentally friendly straw made of lepirona plant which grows mostly in swamp areas in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The establishment of this social enterprise was initiated by two Lepirona’s Founders who concern about environmental issues as well as the empowerment of women in Indonesia. The fundamental thing that connects the two Founders to collaborate is the passion about social activities to do something for marginalized communities. “We believe that a meaningful life is about being real, being humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.”

Empowering women and achieving gender equality are not only moral imperatives, they are crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies. Lepirona also has a special mission to empower single mothers in Indonesia.

With a population totaling around 268 million individuals in 2019, Indonesia is the fourth-largest country with regard to population sizes. It says that more than six million households with children in Indonesia are managed by single mothers. More than half of those numbers live below the poverty line.

Single mothers in general are more likely to report higher level of chronic stress and episodes of depression. The role of single mothers was found to be very stressful and challenging and along with emotional and psychological problems, they face financial difficulties in meeting even the regular expenses of running a home.

In the course of interviews with some single mothers, there was a strong sense that what they need are meaningful jobs and not more aid. Being able to earn your own income gives a person dignity and pride, instead of getting aid. They want to be independent in financial matter.

Furthermore, empowering women is important because women are the key to breaking the poverty cycle. Women are more likely to invest their earnings back into their families and children. Mothers are also in general, closer to their children. It means that we are empowering future generations by empowering mothers.

Lepirona shall provide employment for marginalized women, solve environmental degradation, support single mothers and their children’s education, and bring family stability as family income increases through economic empowerment.

Our Founders


“I have special corner is in my heart for single mothers and I find my happiness in helping others” – a thoughtful mantra that stuck and being spelled by Linda Puspita. And so, with a passionate and purposeful spirit, she uses her skills from product design world to let her into social enterprise as her way of creating positive impact to the communities.

Majoring in Industrial Product Design and involved with communication matters for a couple of years has given Linda Puspita the opportunity to combine creative powers in thinking with critical understanding of human institutions and values. Linda Puspita engages in several industries from Education, Design, IT & Engineering Consultant, Trading, to Community Development projects in Indonesia, Middle East, China and India

She believes that everyone has a unique chance to contribute to the world. Empowerment does not have to be grand. Small successes can boost our self-confidence and really be empowering. Linda draws her creative inspiration from people and experiences. On the side, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.



With a passion for big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Agus Subijantoro is a techno-savvy Consultant who handles all things digital and analytical. He has extensive experience in Network Manager (ENM), working in various Customer Support roles that include System Administrator, Back Office, Customer Network Support, Tier1, Integrator, and Solution Architect.

Agus has experience on and related to Automated Network Operations services of Operation Support System (OSS-RC), Backup Solutions (OMBS), and Network IQ Statistics (ENIQ-S) on GSM, WCDMA, and LTE network, in multi vendors and multi node environment.

Furthermore, he has excellent communication, documentation, team working, and problem-solving skills with international and cross-culture experience being involved in several projects in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Korea, Japan, Kuwait and Mexico.

Concerns over marginalized people encourage him to do something for them. Driven by passion and purposeful living, Agus finds meaningful way to start social enterprise in the hope to make a better life for others. When he is not working, Agus loves to spend his time cooking, bake at home, eat anywhere and exploring the nature.



Experienced in digital creative industry since 2008, Audia Siti Mirza has worked with clients from different countries and consistently active working on various projects such as web development, graphic designing, and digital illustration. 

She writes design related articles, and promotes many digital products through some design marketplaces, such as Graphic River, Society 6 and CreativeMarket. 

She also has been art directing several designers since 2014 in her team to create vector illustrations for clients and contractors such as Vecteezy Inc., Fiverr and Envato Studio.